The Last living Chelseacano in NYC


Damian exhibits an unexpected poignancy which has made him known as the Chelseacano Artist of NYC. Graphically etched scrolls of vibrant color swell elucidating the imagination of transparently explosions. Opaque metallic linear lines spin in traditional Aztec and Latin mosaic patterns. Creating a vortex to a black hole mesmerizing the eye and drawing the viewer deep within its over saturated pallet of 80’s nostalgia. This work exposes a universal biblical mystic belief in art. Like the bombed-out, shatter buildings of the lower eastside so emblematic of the destruction of humanity, the patterns of musical rhythms crash like waves echoing the sonic rumblings. Explodes with epitaphs of love resulting from the muddled state of politics in the world.
Like all of his fellow Mexican Artist that came before, the Almarez, Ramirez and all the Chicano artists. The legacy of his heritage and rebellious confrontation to fashion a world of kaleidoscopic imagery and unique composition of the modern rhythms of our time.