Damian Downer


Damian Downer is the only living Chelseacano. His work borrows from the 80’s art scene; graffiti, mythology, religious symbols and the Mayan Calander mix together with sex, violence and music in mad dashing spasms of color and vivid strokes of pain and pleasure.

Damian’s drawings and paintings explore the issues of social and self destruction; addiction, torment and the barbecuing of the soul – with always extra sauce. His commentary is shrewdly biting. Characterized by their intensely personal nature and whimsical foolishness, Damian’s artwork resounds in the mind like a kick in the head by a unicorn.

The nature of the primitive and the rawness of the vision intensifies Damian’s meaning of life and love lived in misery.

Despite reluctance for success and lack of public collection, Damian’s large and forceful oeuvre had ensured his continuing reputation as one of New York’s most distinctive and eloquent artist on the verge of a mental breakdown.